Hotel lobbies taken over by modern design

On the crossroads of luxury, there is plenty the wealthy can play into. The hotel industry is one fine example that is taking inspiration from everything that is larger than life. Hotel owners are transforming lobbies into powerful spaces that now serve as destinations themselves. And, why not, if these eccentric lobbies let the guests dive into another world of exquisiteness largely defined by a grand show of ambience, atmosphere, and interior design.


Whether it be extravagant entrance elements including jaw-dropping chandeliers, lush waterfalls, live green walls, and/or well-equipped multi-media stations, it is good to see that more and more interior designers are incorporating a whole new stream of ideas into creating a memorable and iconic space.

Pick your inspirational space

There’s a great emphasis on designing appealing spaces that chalk out both intimate and social zones. The furniture installations are also epitomes of ultimate coziness and functionality, as well as perfect prototypes of contemporary luxury. Graced by the honored guests Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, George Bush, Christian Louboutin and others alike, Raffles, Singapore, features a lobby which is an essence of colonial design and contemporary culture, contrasted against a modern and flourishing city.

Tune into Futuristic Green Lobbies

Walk by hotel lobbies and you feel the sensory experiences are stimulating due to the concept of bringing in the “green” features in the best possible manner. Lush greenery, abundant stone decorations, and jaw-dropping indoor waterfalls can both soothe and excite the visitors’ perception right away.

The lobby at Sofitel Dubai – The Palm Resort & Spa boasts a stunning green wall packed with 170 unique plants flown in from France, and was designed by famed botanist Patrick Blanc himself.

Your Way to Artistic Lobbies

A great focus on installation of local art in lobbies has helped in creating genuine experiences which help to bring out the local origins of a city. All around the world’s top hotel’s, you will experience large scale art installations, photography and sculptures that emanate a refreshing perception of the lobbies and their correlation with the rest of the hotel. The lobby at The Modern Honolulu in Honolulu, Hawaii, is studded with a masterpiece by Herbie Fletcher, a former noted professional surfer. The artwork is produced using 100 broken surfboards once owned by the world famous surfers including Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater.

Back in the days of yore, lobbies had a sophisticated role to play; a setting of minimalistic appearance. Fast forward a few decades and those days are long gone. Today, lobbies are powerful spots designed to emanate a blend of innovation and perfection, a space that arouses an intrinsic sense of arrival with interior design at the core of its setting.



by Sarah Hafeez for Lawrence Travel PR